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Andre Carter

NFL great Andre Carter, who has played for the San Francisco 49ers, the Washington Redskins, the New England Patriots, and Oakland Raiders, uses Orthopedic / M.D. Apothecary supplements to aid in recovery from injuries and maintain peak performance.

Lisa from Thousand Oaks has been a user of supplements of a number of years, but would often find herself going off them because of the stomach upset they caused. Since she has been taking MD Apothecary supplements, such as Strong Joints and Strong Omega 3, she has not experienced any stomach upset and is able to take them faithfully. Hear her story:


I have been taking MD Apothecary Supplements for 2 years. I exercise regularly and was experiencing joint and muscle pain during and after workouts. Within one month of taking Strong Joints 1 & 2, I noticed a significant improvement in my mobility and I was pain free.

My husband and I also take Strong Musculoskeletal Support for arthritis. My husband had been walking and taking spin classes in pain from arthritis. After a couple of weeks on Strong Musculoskeletal, he was feeling significantly better. He now takes it only when he has flare ups.

Similarly, I have taken Strong Musculoskeletal Support for painful arthritis in my thumb. This supplement not only relieved the pain in my thumb, but it also took care of some nagging knee pain. I recently had a flare up feeling stabbing pain in my thumb for several days. I took 6 Strong Musculoskeletal Support a day for two days and my pain was gone.

I highly recommend MD Apothecary Supplements.


Debbie from Thousand Oaks has been taking Strong Omega 3 and Strong GI for about 12 months. She noticed that whenever she ran out and didn't take them for a while, her symptoms would flare up again; she has really noticed a difference in her joint pain and GI difficulties. Listen to her story:

For six years, my nails have been very thin and painful and would not grow. I started taking Strong Nails 3 months ago and unbelievably my nails are growing in stronger than ever. I am so excited to have nails again. I didn't think this product would work, as nothing has in the past. I am amazed.
Jackie Thompson

Sandra talks about her great improvements resulting from Strong Bones. She's now using Strong Joints and Strong Nails, too.
Sandra, Surprise, AZ


Strong Bones helped halt my osteoporosis.  I wouldn't be doing so well without them.
Rose Anne

Coming in today for an appointment and to buy supplements.  Quality is great!

Listen to Miles discuss the great results he had with Strong Musculoskeletal Support (formerly known as Strong Anti-Inflammatory)
Miles, Newbury Park, CA

I developed a problem with my shoulder. It hurt just to lift a bag from the supermarket. I began to take Strong Musculoskeletal Support (formerly known as Strong Anti-Inflammatory) and Strong Joints Formula 1 and 2 and after just 6 weeks my shoulder feels fine and I have no problem lifting anything.
Norm Brown

Wendy from Agoura Hills, CA was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. After suffering an allergic reaction from a prescription medication, it was suggested to her that she take Strong Bones. After taking it for six months, along with consistent walking exercise, she has reversed the Osteoporosis and her numbers are now in the normal level. Listen as she shares her story and talks about how great she feels.

In this video cllip, football player Deon Goggins talks about the impact Orthopedic / M.D. Apothecary supplements have had on his game and his overall well-being.

Listen to Amy strongly recommend Orthopedic / M.D. Apothecary's Strong Musculoskeletal Support (formerly known as Strong Anti-Inflammatory). She's not able to take traditional inflammation drugs and won't be without them. The greatest thing ever!
Amy, Simi Valley, CA

I have a medical problem with my left hip. My doctor explained that the bones do not have the same amount of "cushion"as the right hip. the results are, that I have suffered pain for over 5 years. The pain is consistently low, but at times I can not lift my leg to exit my car. I began taking Strong Joints #1 and Strong Joints #2. Within two weeks my pain had subsided, and after 4 weeks the pain is gone!! I am now able to walk, bike and sleep without pain.
Ron Westfall

I have had problems with both hands and wrists and was looking for a non-prescription that wouldn't be hard on my stomach. I decided to try Orthopedic Apothecary Strong Joints. After a while, I wasn't sure whether the product was actually working. When I ran out, I noticed a difference within a week. Other products like this didn't seem to help my hands, so I wanted others to know that Strong Joints really does work. As many others might be, I was concerned about the cost, but I've realized that it's well worth any extra cost to get a product that works.
Anita, Tarzana, CA

I use my supplements everyday for about a year. No more Advil! 

Charlie from Chatsworth was diagnosed with osteopenia. He tried prescription medication for about 6 months, but was unable tolerate it. He met Dr. Cohen, who encourage him to try Strong Bones. After taking it for 4-6 months, his annual physical showed his bone density was up by 17%! Listen to his story:


I cannot begin to tell you how much I have spent on supplements throughout the years. Truth be told, I never really noticed that any of them made a difference. Until now. Not only did they improve my muscle aches and strength, but when I stop taking them I realized the deficiency.

These products are priced below what is normally charged in the so called "vitamin shops" and they are so much purer and potent. I've tried the Strong Joints and Strong Musculoskeletal Support. One word: awesome! 



I take the Vitamin D every day! Affordable and great products! I'm a believer in these supplements since they are backed by Glenn D Cohen, MD!


I started taking Strong Nails about 4 months ago and my nails look great. They are longer and very strong now and no longer break or peel. I wore acrylic nails for over 10 years and was afraid to take them off. I'm finding that it costs me a lot less now that I'm not having my nails done every two weeks. As a result of taking Strong Nails, my hair is also thicker. The proof is in my nails and how different they look.
Michelle, Simi Valley, CA

Patricia became concerned about her overall health with prolonged use of prescription anti-inflammatory medications. She began using a natural anti-inflammatory and joint supplements to help her with her arthritis and other medical issues. She is pain free and overall a healthier person.
Patricia, Thousand Oaks, CA

I have complete confidence in MD Apothecary products. I feel supplementation makes a real difference and it is nice to have a doctor who agrees and provides a trusted source for quality supplements. He recommended the musculoskeletal support supplement for the Orthopaedic issue I'm dealing with. While taking that I have experienced much less pain in my joints through my body. I've had to avoid Omega 3 supplements in the past and am able to tolerate MD Apothecary with no adverse side effects. I highly recommend these supplements!

Alda from Westlake Village has tried everything for years to get her nails to grow. After a year of taking Strong Nails, her nails look the best they have in her whole life -- listen to her story:


Awesome products backed by an incredible doctor!!


Great products! I am a hand therapist and I know many people who have had success with them!


Thank you for suggesting the GI and system supplements. The supplements have helped us feel normal again. We were unaware of probiotics before Dr. Cohen mentioned them to us. The pill form is great for those dealing with lactose intolerance and we are enjoying the individual packets of the system supplements because we know when to take the vitamins. Thank you again.
Ed and Linda of San Diego, CA

My son and I take the fish oil in the big yellow and white bottle. It is the first one we have taken where we don't burp the taste.

I visited Dr. Cohen for pain in my wrist and he recommended Strong Musculoskeletal Support as an anti-inflammatory. Within three days, I noticed a reduction in my pain. I am a big fan of the product and would recommend Strong Musculoskeletal Support to anyone experiencing joint paint or needing an anti-inflammatory.
Diane from Ventura County, CA

Al from Palm Desert has been using Orthopedic / M.D. Apothecary supplements for several years, and has seen improvement in his arthritis symptoms. Listen to his experience:

Nicole from Paso Robles has had a fantastic experience with Strong Nails they have helped her hair, skin, nails, and energy levels and she strongly recommends them to everyone.

I love the strong system packets. Seems to have everything in there to give me good health. Strong musculoskeletal system helps with inflammation and pain. Thank you!


This is a great product!


Fran from Thousand Oaks went to see Dr. Cohen for carpal tunnel syndrome. During the course of treatment, he introduced her to Strong Joints #1 and Strong Joints #2. Listen to her describe the amazing pain relief she has experienced in her arthritic hips and knees:

Dr. Cohen's targeted,  high quality supplements are a perfect compliment to his medical care.

Andrea from Los Angeles has had a wonderful experience with Strong Musculosketal Support. She has dealt with a lot of pain from a repetitive motion hand injury, and seen several doctors with no relief. She saw Dr. Cohen, who recommended Strong Musculoskeletal Support, and after eight weeks has had a signification reduction in pain. Listen to her story:

The supplements are working great. I am excited to have my bone density done again to see how I have improved.

Nina from Oxnard saw Dr. Cohen for carpal tunnel syndrome. When she mentioned that she was going to have hip replacement surgery, and was dealing with a lot of pain, Dr. Cohen recommended she try Strong Musculosketal Support and Strong Omega 3. She was skeptical, but she didn't like taking so much Advil, so she decided to give it a try. She is simply amazed that she no longer needs the Advil. Listen to her story:


I have been taking Strong Musculoskeletal Support since my hand surgery last March. This supplement works better than anything else I have tried, including Advil, Thorne Research Supplements, and others. In addition to helping my recovery from surgery, this supplement has helped my back and neck pain immensely. I have been plagued with back and neck pain for the last 10 years, due to scoliosis and disc degeneration. Now, for the first time since the pain began, I have had relief from it. The Strong Musculoskeletal Support is amazing and I'm very thankful to Dr. Cohen for recommending it for me! I am planning to try some of the other supplements also since this one works so well. I would recommend the MD Apothecary for anyone who wants high quality supplements. I am a huge fan!