Most modern-day dietary supplement companies are actually sales and marketing firms. While they may formulate their own products, it is standard to outsource the manufacturing, laboratory testing, bottling, and labeling to a big contract manufacturer. The upside to this practice is that it’s convenient. The downside is that companies lose control to others that don’t share the same passion for the quality of the products.

M.D. Apothecary® is unique in that we operate our own 100,000-square-foot, cGMP, FDA-audited manufacturing facility, staffed by highly trained personnel who share a passion for efficacy. Because we control the entire production process - from formulation…to raw materials sourcing…to manufacturing…to laboratory testing of incoming materials and finished product…to bottling and labeling - we are free to be perfectionists.

Our manufacturing facility is strictly controlled by rigorous standards that meet cGMPs, and it routinely passes FDA and third-party audits. Extensive testing on every product we manufacture means you can trust the consistent purity, strength, identity, and composition of each and every M.D. Apothecary® formula.

It’s rare for a supplement company to handle all phases of production. But, when your standards are as high as ours, you don’t want to entrust it to anyone else.