We follow rigid SOPs (standard operating procedures) and MOPs (methods of procedure) throughout every stage of production, leaving nothing to chance.

We test all incoming raw materials in our state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory for identity (Is the material what it says it is?), purity (Does it contain any contaminants?), and composition (Does it match expected specifications?).

We mix all of our raw materials in dedicated blending rooms using a custom-made 5,000-liter mixer, following strict protocols to ensure product consistency.

We manufacture every batch of product in dedicated tabletting and encapsulating rooms, which are thoroughly cleaned and dried after each batch is made, to protect against cross-contamination. It can take up to eight hours just to clean one room!

We perform thorough post-cleaning inspections to ensure the highest state of sanitation has been achieved.

We test all finished products for identity (Does the formula contain the correct ingredients?), strength (Are the ingredients present in the potencies claimed?), and purity (Does the formula contain any contaminants?).

We subject every new formula to stability testing, which involves assaying ingredients to detect any degradation at 6-month intervals, thus ensuring the formula meets label claim at expiration.