Vitamin D 1,000 IU Liquid

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Vitamin D 1,000 IU Liquid


Vitamin D Drops help growing bodies achieve optimal levels of vitamin D and support overall health in children. It delivers a targeted amount of vitamin D in an odorless, tasteless liquid that can be added to any beverage.

Clinical Applications
Helps Support Bone and Dental Development
Helps Increase Musculoskeletal Strength
Boosts Immune Activity

1 fluid.ounce | 30ml

Suggested Use
½ dropperful (0.4 ml) per day or as recommended by your health care professional

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Additional Info

Inflammation is a natural part of the body’s immune response, a cascade triggered to protect the body and maintain normal tissue repair. This physiological response is part of the innate immune or non-specific immune system, a first line of defense comprising the cells and mechanisms that defend against unwanted organisms in a non-specific manner. The inflammatory cascade is mediated by eicosanoids which have been shown to attenuate inflammation and immune- modulating cytokines. Inflamma-bLOX provides a blend of nutrients to support a healthy inflammatory cycle, helping to balance eicosanoid and cytokine metabolism and inhibit the synthesis of a wide variety of compounds implicated in pain and inflammation. 

Ingredient Benefits

Vitamin D
itamin D is a steroid vitamin, a group of fat-soluble pro-hormones best known for their role in supporting bone health and aiding in the absorption of calcium and phosphate from the gastrointestinal tract. It is a key nutrient for the needs of growing children and adolescents. A growing body of research highlights its important role in supporting other body systems, cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal strength, and immune function.